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  • The Lautenberg Amendment and Its Effect on Military Personnel

    || 28-Oct-2013

    Recently, our Riverside criminal defense lawyer, Ty Martinez, took on a case for a client who was charged with felony kidnapping and felony domestic violence charges. With extensive trial litigation and aggressive defense strategies, Attorney Martinez was able to have the charges dismissed for a plea to a misdemeanor false imprisonment. Because the client was only convicted of false imprisonment, ...
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  • Three Kidnapping Victims Escape After a Decade in Captivity

    || 15-May-2013

    On Monday May 6, 2013, three Cleveland girls were found alive and were able to escape from their kidnapper after being held captive for a decade in a home on Seymore. The three victims were found after a neighbor heard the girls' desperate cries for help and heard a woman pounding at the locked door. The neighbor then proceeded to kick open the door when Berry escaped with her small child. The ...
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  • Northridge Girl Abducted- Suspect Facing Life in Prison

    || 1-May-2013

    A 10-year-old girl was abducted from her Northridge home on the night of March 27 in what sources believe began as a burglary. The young girl was found later that day approximately 12 hours later wondering around a parking lot that was several miles from her home. When she was found she was in a confused state and was wearing different clothes from when she was taken. The suspect entered the home ...
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