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Case Results

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Most domestic violence cases start from an argument that gets out of control; usually a significant other or spouse contacts the police to help calm down the situation. A domestic violence conviction can ruin a person's reputation and drastically impact their life. There is no substitution for experience and the drive to fight for a client's freedom. Our commitment has always been to give the best efforts to achieve the best results possible. If you have a question or wish to schedule a free consultation please call us at 888-464-1038. Because we also address other criminal defense charges, the list below includes victories that apply to other case types as well.

Rancho Cucamonga Court - Not Guilty Verdict

Not Guilty Verdict - 2/21/2017

Not guilty verdict in Rancho Cucamonga Court on a .18 DUI involving accident case

San Bernardino - Misdemeanor PC 243 (e)

Dismissed - 3/15/2016

Misdemeanor PC 243 (e) domestic violence dismissed

Rancho Cucamonga Court - Misdemeanor PC243(e)

Dismissed - 2/24/2016

Misdemeanor PC 243(e) domestic violence dismissed.

Riverside - Civil Restraining Order

Dismissed - 1/28/2016

Negotiated a deal between parties and hearing was taken off calendar due to settlement.

Rancho Cucamonga - Felony Domestic Violence Rejected

Dismissed - 1/20/2016

Explained that client (female) had undergone serious surgery and was in a lot of pain and on medication. Provided medical records. DA agreed not to pursue.

Pomona Court - Felony Domestic Violence Rejected

Dismissed - 1/15/2016

Obtained a statement from "victim" and spoke to DA office. Victim had no injuries whatsoever.

Riverside - Felony Domestic Violence - Not Guilty Verdict

Not Guilty Verdict - 1/8/2016

Client facing felony domestic violence charges was found Not Guilty.

San Bernardino - Felony Grand Theft Dismissed

Dismissed - 1/5/2016

Case was dismissed for paying the victim full restitution.

Rancho Cucamonga - Felony Domestic Violence Dismissed

Dismissed - 6/29/2015

Felony Domestic violence case dismissed outright.

Covina Court - Not Guilty Verdict

Not Guilty Verdict - 6/26/2015

Not Guilty Verdict on all 4 counts: 1 Domestic Violence, 1 Assault with a deadly weapon (vehicle), 2 counts of child endangerment.

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