Case Results

  • Rancho Cucamonga - Domestic Violence Charges
    Client was facing Domestic Violence charges, but the case was dismissed after it was
    found that our client’s right to a speedy trial was violated.
  • Domestic Violence
    Fullerton - North Court - Domestic Violence Case Dismissed.
  • Dismissed Domestic Violence and Child Endangerment Case
    Compton Court Domestic Violence and Child Endangerment case dismissed due to providing DA evidence of self-defense. People v. E.L.
  • Dismissed Rancho Cucamonga - Felony Assault Dismissed

    Felony assault with a deadly weapon, and Felony domestic violence dismissed.

  • Dismissed Riverside - Felony Domestic Violence Dismissed

    Felony domestic violence reduced to misdemeanor and no jail ( DA wanted 60 days)

  • Charges Reduced Riverside - Charges Reduced
    Felony Kidnapping and Felony Domestic Violence charges were dismissed in favor of a plea to Misdemeanor False Imprisonment. The largest benefit to this reduction in charges was that the client, a military service member, was able to maintain their gun rights which would have been lost had the Felony Domestic Violence charges gone through.
  • Dismissed Rancho Cucamonga - Drug Charges
    Client was arrested while delivering marijuana to a dispensary. Due to the specific rules and regulations for how these dispensaries operate, the arresting office misunderstood the law. An infraction was still applied to the case for possession of under one ounce of marijuana for personal use, but this did not on the client’s permanent record.
  • Sentence Greatly Reduced Long Beach - Sentence Greatly Reduced
    Felony residential burglary case. Client was an 18 year old who had never been in trouble before. He was arrested before getting into home. DA and two different judges wanted two years of state prison! I kept pushing the case, got in front of the right judge who agreed it was not a state prison case and gave my client time served and sixty days of community service.
  • Restitution Hearing Success Downey - DUI Restitution Hearing Success
    Client involved in felony DUI with injury. Victims settled with insurance and then wanted an additional $22,000.00 from my client in restitution. Settlement resolved for $7,000.00 saving my client $15,000.00. Oddly enough victims are allowed to settle their cases with insurance and then go after people in criminal courts for legitimate losses. The rationale is that the courts are not going to force victims to wait to get money from insurance if they need it.
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