Client Reviews

    "Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding"
    I have nothing but excellent things to say about being represented by Ty Martinez. This was my first time ever needing representation in any nature and I was referred to him by an older friend. He is accessible, prompt, trustworthy and simply put, knows what he's doing. He kept me informed throughout all parts of the legal process and put forth his best efforts every step of the way. His truthfulness, sincerity, and honesty is second to none and you'd be hard pressed to find better representation. Excellent, excellent, excellent. After facing 3 felony charges, I opted to go to trial rather than take a misdemeanor plea. Ty demonstrated great understanding of the law and proved himself to be an outstanding trial attorney. I am proud to say that the hung jury had a very favorable Not Guilty verdict and the case was dismissed by the judge. Hats off to you Ty and thank you.
    - Past Client
    "Case Dismissed"
    2 months ago I was charged for domestic violence not for a misdemeanor but for a felony! I was scared because I didn't do anything to my girlfriend but leave the situation because we were having a heated argument. The neighbors called the cops for the yelling and the cops said I fled the scene so that's why I was tagged for a misdemeanor. I received plenty of letters in the mail for lawyers and called around. I was impressed with the way Ty Martinez was honest and straight up with me so I went with him and it was the best decision. He was able to get my case dismissed. I am very thankful for his help. He always kept me updated on what's going on. I never had a problem of getting a hold of him he always returned my call. He has a payment schedule that I was able to do. I would definitely hire Ty Martinez again if I needed a criminal attorney and definitely refer him to anyone who needs a good lawyer.
    - Past Client
    "Quick to respond and led me through every step of my process with ease."
    Would just like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Martinez for their remarkable work. Quick to respond and led me through every step of my process with ease. Flexible on my payment plans and best of all had my sentence reduced. I highly recommend and thank you again.
    - Patrick
    "He handled everything and was able to get charges down"
    I had lots of mail come in after I was arrested. I was most comfortable with his correspondence and chose to go with him. He is extremely helpful via phone and emails and always returned them right away. I never met him until one of my court appearances. I would not even have to attend but he needed my paper work signed by a notary. He handled everything and was able to get charges down and community service. I have even passed out his business cards to some of my colleagues. I feel extremely confident with him and highly recommend him.
    - Past Client
    "Ty is very good"
    Ty was recommended to me by a lawyer friend, and I have only the best things to say about my experience. I hired him to take care of a failure to appear I had that had turned into a warrant. I was very nervous, and put all of my faith in Ty. He was upfront and honest about the consequences I was facing, and he was completely honest about his fees. There were no hidden costs. Even though my case was probably not a big deal to him, Ty treated me as if I was very important, and was consistently in touch. Due to his skills, I was able to get a good deal, and I feel like I really have someone on my side. Ty is awesome and skilled. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone.
    - LK
    "Yvonne is an excellent criminal defense lawyer"
    I searched the internet and discover Tyrone R Martinez & Yvonne Todd. Very next day his partner Yvonne Todd met me at the court and she explained step by step, how we would approach the case and how she would handle. When my future is on the line, and being accused of child abuse, count 1 as felony and count 2 as misdemeanor, a criminal defense lawyer Yvonne Todd will be your rescue. Yvonne was with me every step of the way, from the beginning to the end. To make the long story short, we won the trial by unanimous jury decision on felony and misdemeanor case was hung and favor of us 7 to 5 jury decision. Eventually both cases were dismissed. I cannot even put into words how appreciative I am of her hard work and expertise. My deepest appreciations and gratitude for the outstanding work that Yvonne Todd has shown. She was very professional, prompt, and knowledgeable and handled my case with uppermost concern. I would strongly recommend Yvonne as your attorney any given day.
    - Jeff
    "Case dismissed"
    Facing a DUI and 2 counts Mr. Martinez was very helpful and left no page unturned. Nothing got overlooked. A DUI is stressful enough but, I had full confidence in his work. He is friendly, confident, thorough, and with his help the case was dropped. I had been unfairly accused on this case and he performed his duties with 100% accuracy. Very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Martinez to anyone in need of counsel.
    - Brandon
    "Great Attorney!"
    I was facing a felony domestic violence charge which carried serious jail time and would cost me my job but Ty was able to get it plead down to a misdemeanor and no jail time. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs an attorney.
    - Past Client
    "Wonderful Attorneys"
    All of these good reviews are true! Excellent representation!! I unfortunately got the dreaded DUI case and Ty and his partner Yvonne analyzed the facts, guided me on the best direction I should take, guided me very well throughout the whole process, and always did exactly what they said they would do and when. You can never expect a miracle but you can't go wrong with the professional expertise and diligence that this firm gives. They are truly great attorneys. My case is still not decided yet but I am already satisfied no matter what the outcome as I know that I enlisted the help of true pros. Don't hesitate to hire them.
    - Scott
    "Excellent Representation"
    My son had never been in any trouble prior to this incident and he was charged with 2 felonies. Both Tyrone and Yvonne helped my son with his situation and they are both very professional and extremely knowledgeable. All attorneys I have dealt with in the past were more concerned with the retainer they required than to hear the circumstances. This law firm is very rare, they charge you a flat fee to represent you and there is no ridiculous misc. charges like with other law firms. My son's charges were reduced from 2 felonies to 1 infraction. I cannot thank you both enough for all your hard work and persistence to get this outcome on my son's case. I would HIGHLY recommend this firm to anyone!
    - Karla
    "Tyrone Martinez the impeccably outstanding defense attorney"
    Being a first time DUI offender I was very unsure of what to expect when it came down to my consequences in the court system as well as with the DMV. Tyrone Martinez handled my case with much knowledge and care. He was aggressive and made sure that my best interest was at hand. He consistently informed me of what I was to expect and I’m very pleased with how my case has turned out. He is very honest and was worth every dollar that was invested into hiring him. When I was worried or panicked about the outcome of my case he constantly reassured me that everything would be okay and that he had things handled. I went through my whole proceeding very confident and I am proud to have Ty as my lawyer. If I ever needed someone to defend me in the future Mr. Martinez would be the first person I would trust with my case. Words can't express my gratitude for how he handled my case. Saying that he was outstanding in every aspect is an understatement. I would recommend him to any and every one.
    - Candice
    "Ty, you are highly recommended in my book."
    I'm an ordinary, college student who made a mistake that cost my freedom. I contacted Tyrone and which he was able to get the District attorney to drop my case base on an Illegal search. I would like to say to you Ty Martinez and your wife that I'm thankful that throughout the time spent, not only did we win this case, but the faith that was demonstrated kept my sanity. Ty, you are highly recommended in my book. Thank you and God bless you.
    - Roy
    "Ty Martinez the superhero of lawyers"
    I was refereed to Ty Martinez, from the moment we met I noticed he was at the top if his game. I found him to be very knowledgeable and eager to determine the best results for his client. . He truly achieved the best solution for me and was consistently in contact. He was a superb lawyer and I’m truly grateful to him.
    - Past Client
    "Best criminal attorney in LA"
    After interviewing numerous attorneys to handle my case, I got referred to Tyrone by a good friend of mine that only had good things to say about him. He works hard for your case and he won’t BS you, from day one he will make very clear all the things that can go wrong instead of focusing on all the good things he can do (like all the other attorneys trying to sell you their services). If you want an attorney to work at his best for you, this is your guy. I'm very happy with the outcome of my case; I couldn't have gotten anything better. Thanks Ty
    - David
    "I would highly recommend him to anyone needing expert legal representation."
    Ty handled my 2 children's legal problems exceptionally well. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing expert legal representation.
    - Allen
    "Professional and Attentive"
    Fantastic representation from Ty. Made the case as easy as it could be and kept me up to date on what needed to be done and when. I never had to go to court myself.
    - Russell
    "Diligent, Honest, Experienced, and Vested"
    After two years of hearing continuances, poor representation and in my opinion our justice systems attempt to create just another number my life felt like quicksand. The reality was I had become behind in the count and two years late in the game, ultimately leading to numerous attorney appointments which all seemed more interested in my deposit than my defense. Thank God for a family friend who is an attorney, and who thoroughly reviewed my case and situation, "your case is very interesting, tricky and requires legitimate experience.” He suggested I hire his mentor and colleague, Ty Martinez. The initial introduction was bar none to any of my prior attorney experiences, Ty explained everything thoroughly and honestly from start to finish, and in less than two months got me a phenomenal deal, which had my prior counsel asking how he did it, and the guy was twice his age. In reality it’s not that Ty is a magician, or the greatest criminal attorney ever, it’s his character and passion for his clients and their best interests that sets him apart from other attorney’s. His representation is of true legal counsel, there wasn't a single moment, phone call or question he couldn't answer. Hiring an attorney is a life changing decision, as was the decision that got you in that situation, and hiring Ty was the best decision I made in my first and last criminal situation. Not only am I free man because of Ty Martinez, I’m a stronger, and smarter man who can move on and continue both my life and career.
    - Andrew
    "Highly recommended!"
    I don't know where to start! I was in trouble and I immediately started researching lawyers and asking people to recommend someone. I have never worked with any in the past but I assumed I needed to get a few opinions. After my Dad and I discussed my situation to at least 7 different lawyers, we finally met Tyrone. We immediately knew we wanted to hire him. Not only was Ty more informative but he had a better price than the other lawyers. He was confident about what we needed to do and driven about getting there. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and it turned out exactly how Ty had told me it would from the beginning. Today I am grateful to have met him just in case anything happens to me or someone I know in the future or even simply for legal advice. Thanks Ty!
    - Mina
    "Thank you"
    Tyrone Martinez was a great person to work with. Very informative and very aware of all things that could and did come up. He was very cost effective and able to work out a payment plan for my DUI case. I was afraid of what could happen luckily for me ty was there for me and my case. Any questions I had he answered. If I ever called I always got a hold of him he was very responsive. I was able to walk away with a dry and reckless after all was said and done. I recommend him to anyone. Thank you once again. 10 out of 10.
    - Anthony
    "Definitely the greatest criminal defense attorney I've ever met!"
    Ty Martinez has made an outstanding impact on my life. He has gotten me out of trouble time and time again. He saved me from serving a 2 year sentence from an assault with a deadly weapon case leaving me with a small fine and a few hours of community service from which I am very thankful for. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have been able to get my job at Disneyland due to my background check. He also cleared up several suspended license tickets and helped me clear up a huge mess of past juvenile cases. Just recently I had court at 1:30 pm, I was being charged with speeding, having no license, and having possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. I sent him a text 30 minutes prior to my hearing and within seconds he was on the phone with me giving me legal advice! It's crazy to see him work he makes the job look so easy that I want to be criminal defense attorney. He has definitely given me the opportunity to turn over a new leaf in my life. Thank you Ty!
    - Bethsan
    "Great Attorney!!"
    Ty Martinez saved my life! My mom hired him for me because of how knowledgeable he sounded over the phone. He was always there when I had questions. He got a robbery charge in which the DA wanted to serve 3 years in state prison down to a theft charge. I served 81 days on house arrest and was convicted of a felony. Never seen the inside of a jail cell. Not only did he do that, but after 3 years and when probation was over, he got my felony dropped to misdemeanor. He is at the top of his game! If you need an attorney, Ty is your guy! I already recommended him to a friend and he worked his magic for him too. GREAT ATTORNEY! No BS!
    - Abad
    "Fantastic attorney!"
    I initially hired Ty because, of the 5 attorneys I contacted, he was the only one who did not require me to spend an hour or more at his office before my first court appearance. The other attorneys wanted to spend hours discussing the case even though I’d told them I didn't even know what I was charged with, and had no details. Ty was very logical and told me he’d simply meet me at the courthouse; he’d get the case documents; and we’d go from there. I was impressed with his business sense - that he didn't make me waste time. He was always very clear and upfront about his fees and his potential additional fees, should the matter go to trial. I could always count on Ty to be at the courthouse for each hearing (over a 7+ month period of time), to answer emails, and to take or return my calls – all very promptly. Ty worked hard to get my case dismissed. I’d been charged with a felony fraud involving a now defunct bank. Ty readily saw that there were major flaws on the DA's side and that no crime was committed. He spent time researching the FDIC takeover of the bank involved, and was more than prepared for the preliminary hearing. Because of Ty’s preparation he was able to show the court exactly why the case should be dismissed – which it was. I would hire Ty again if, God forbid, I were ever faced with something like this. I would highly recommend Ty to anyone who needs a credible and sincere attorney.
    - Past Client
    "Highly recommended, Professional representation"
    After going through what seemed hundreds of advertisements sent from Attorneys, I retained The Law Office of Ty Martinez for several reasons, the two most important are, they always answered the phone and always keep me up to date. The initial interview was thorough and insightful, he took the time to explain the legal jargon, up front about fees and what my expectations should be. Without a doubt, I felt his law firm would best represent my best interest in a court of Law.
    - Ed
    "Very Satisfied!!"
    I would highly recommend Ty Martinez! He defended me with domestic violence allegations. My expectations were met; he is extremely professional, very courteous and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the customer service I received and the results that came out of my case. Ty Martinez was the best attorney I have ever retained and absolutely worth the money. He attended every hearing and was there to answer all my questions I had the entire time. I was extremely scared being that it was my first time in trouble. Ty made me feel very comfortable and gave me piece of mind by communicating with me throughout this horrible experience. He definitely was aggressive until the end result was a dismissal. Because of him, I was able to put this nightmare behind me and move forward with my life. I would most definitely recommend Ty Martinez to anyone and will continue to refer all my family and friends to him! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TY! YOU’RE AMAZING!
    - Vanessa
    "Attorneys Are Not Magicians, But Ty Comes Extremely Close!"
    While in desperate need for a lawyer and fast, I began reading reviews of efficient lawyers in the area. Ty Martinez had the best reviews and case results. I met up with him, discussed my case. DUI with Injury, luckily no one died, nor was severely injured. He was very honest and straight forward about my case. It wasn't easy. I had 3 courts before my sentencing court, and it was the longest morning of my life. He came and told me that I was going to have to go to state prison for a year, I was crushed, and got teary eyes but I was strong. He said he'd do his best to get me a good offer. Finally he tells me that my offer was taken, and that I’d have to do a long period of work release and be on probation. On one of our conversations he stated "I will work to do everything I can for you. Attorneys are not magicians, and the facts in your case are not good" but he did his best, he kept me out of prison what else can I have asked for. I was finally able to have a good night’s sleep. April 2012-June 2012, doesn't seem like a long time, but the days were eternal, I was a mess. He's truly a magician; he's experienced, and trustworthy! Thank You Ty!!!!!!!
    - Past Client
    "He's an excellent attorney for criminal defense"
    Mr. Ty Martinez is an excellent criminal defense lawyer and an overall very nice person that’s why I hired him for my case and he always kept me well informed with the status on the case. I was very satisfied with him and would definitely refer him to anyone who needs a defense attorney because he trustworthy and sure to get the job done. Thanks Mr. Martinez!!
    - De'Andre
    "I am a VERY satisfied client."
    Ty Martinez, Esq. is the lawyer to hire for any criminal case! I hired Mr. Martinez to represent me for multiple cases. I am very fortunate to have an attorney that is there any time to answer questions and assist with any issues that come up. I have been a client since 2005. He is extremely personable, organized, always communicates and charges the right fees! He is worth every penny! I recommend him and take my word; he will not let you down! I am a VERY satisfied client. Also, hired him for one of my friend’s traffic cases. Great deal he got him!--Randi
    - Randi
    "Miracle Worker"
    I found myself in need of a knowledgeable and efficient lawyer, seeing that my husband's case was a difficult one to work with. As a Christian woman in the faith, putting everything in God's hands I called many lawyers but none answered and on my last attempt the Law Offices of Tyrone Martinez was my last resort. I called and he himself answered my phone call giving me a one-on-one consultation through the phone, from that moment on the miracle began to take effect. With his immediate response and availability he gave me a sense of trustworthiness. Long story short, from a sentence of three years in prison, his savvy in criminal defense and experience worked out a miraculous deal of only six months in county jail!! Glory be to God and praise the Lord for using Ty Martinez as an instrument and thanks to this experience my faith has not only become stronger but there is a certainty that there are still good, loyal, and trustworthy lawyers. I would definitely recommend the Law Offices of Tyrone Martinez. Thank you and God bless you.
    - Xoila
    "I contacted Mr. Martinez and I'm very glad I did."
    I had received my 2nd DUI in 12months. Needless to say I was very embarrassed and scared about what I would be facing. I contacted Mr. Martinez and I'm very glad I did. From the very first phone contact I felt he cared about me personally. He put my mind at ease that he would take care of everything. Most lawyers are very curt and dry which make me feel distrustful regarding their interest and my importance to them. Not Mr. Martinez, he was also very flexible with my schedule and court dates. Another thing that impressed me was Mr. Martinez's phone etiquette; he always answered his phone when I called which was impressive. I felt safe and sound in his hands. I am happy with the results I received from Mr. Martinez. I pray to never ever go through that situation again, but if by chance I do, Mr. Martinez is programmed in my phone for ANY further representation.
    - Bekki
    "Ty is great!"
    Honestly, Ty Martinez is awesome he got me off a few charges and he really knows what he's doing.
    - Past Client
    "I'm very happy I chose Ty Martinez for my legal needs"
    He was very up front and honest with me. He didn't beat around the bush and was not afraid to fight to get me the best outcome possible with my case. Thanks Tyronne Martinez.
    - Tracis