Spousal Abuse
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Spousal Abuse Attorney in Riverside

Have you been accused of spousal abuse in the Inland Empire?

Spousal abuse is a criminal offense that falls under California domestic violence laws. This abuse can consist of verbal abuse, such as name calling and threats; physical abuse, such as hitting, scratching, or biting; and threats of violence, verbal abuse can be charged as criminal threats. If the alleged victim was in fear of imminent bodily injury from you, then you could be charged with spousal abuse. Another element involved in this criminal charge is that of the relationship between you and the alleged victim. A spouse, ex-spouse, or co-habitant such as a domestic partner can all be victims of spousal abuse.

If you are charged with the crime of spousal abuse, then you could face penalties of jail time, fines, and court-ordered attendance in a domestic batterer's class. In most counties, the courts mandate attendance in domestic batterer's class. The penalties for spousal abuse depend on the severity of the injuries sustained by the victim, and your criminal record. You may also have a defense of self-defense available.

How a Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help

Do you need a lawyer for a spousal abuse case in Riverside? The Law Offices of Ty Martinez offers aggressive representation to those who have been charged with domestic violence crimes such as spousal abuse. Your case is important to us, and if you choose to employ our skilled legal services, you can be sure that we will stand by you throughout the duration of your case and fight for your rights in court. We are intent on providing effective assistance for our clients; we are in this business to help people, and not just to resolve cases. Because of this, we work to provide information regarding realistic possibilities; we do not scare our clients with far-fetched ideas of what could happen. Seek the legal assistance of an Inland Empire domestic violence lawyer today for aggressive representation in your case.

Are you looking for an attorney for a spousal abuse charge in San Bernardino? We offer a free initial consultation, so contact our Riverside domestic violence lawyer from the firm today to discuss your charges.

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