Disorderly Conduct
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Riverside Disorderly Conduct Attorney

What constitutes disorderly conduct?

This type of offense could encompass a multitude of different acts or behaviors that violate and disrupt public order. Most offenses under California Penal Code § 647, disorderly conduct are misdemeanor crimes punishable by six months to one year in. These offenses include loitering, prowling, soliciting, prostitution, public intoxication and much more.

This may seem like a relatively minor charge, but it could have significant negative implications in regards to your reputation and possible future employment. It would be quite uncomfortable when you have to explain to a possible employer about the disorderly conduct conviction on your record- in fact, you may not even get the chance. Many employers run a background check on applicants before they even call them in for an interview, so you may never be considered for the job. Whether you are guilty or not, your freedom and reputation is at stake and the odds are against you. If you have been arrest for disorderly conduct, it is definitely in your best interest to obtain an experienced Riverside domestic violence lawyer from our firm to protect your rights against the prosecution.

Examples of Disorderly Conduct

Since the category of disorderly conduct law is so broad, these charges occur rather frequently. Anyone found guilty of an offense of this nature could be facing a year in jail along with various fines. Any of the following crimes can be considered a disorderly conduct offense:

  • Window peeping
  • Squatting
  • Prostitution
  • Public intoxication
  • Being under the influence of drugs in public
  • Using binoculars to spy into other peoples' property
  • Panhandling
  • Loitering
  • Soliciting
  • Trespassing on private property
  • Harassment

All of these crimes are considered to be a misdemeanor offense. Disturbing the peace is another crime that is similar to disorderly conduct. Some examples of disturbing the peace would be fighting in public, loud irrational noise, and using offensive language in public that could invoke violence. If you are convicted of disturbing the peace, then you could be facing up to 90 days in jail and be required to pay a fine of $400. The California statutes regarding disturbing the peace could be found in the CA Penal Code § 415.

Can I fight a disorderly conduct charge and win?

The answer is definitely yes. In many cases we find that our clients have been falsely accused- they either made the police angry, or were victims of unprofessional police conduct, and found themselves in handcuffs for causing a disruption. Need an attorney for a disorderly conduct charge in San Bernardino? Our firm has successfully handled countless disorderly conduct cases. There are a number of effective defense strategies and tactics that are designed to reduce or dismiss charges of this nature. Due to the broad nature of the law, these cases fly in and out of the Riverside court system. In cases where this is your first offense, there is a good chance that you will be able to successfully avoid jail time. In cases where you are convicted, we could petition for the court to reduce your sentence to probation by highlighting your strengths.

Public Intoxication Laws in California

Many disorderly conduct crimes involve alcohol and drugs. Whether you are found intoxicated via alcohol consumption or drug use, it is considered to be a crime if you are found drunk in public. If an officer finds that you are being disruptive to the public you could face criminal penalties and if you are found in a debilitating state, they may arrest you and have you sleep it off in a jail cell for up to 72 hours. These public intoxication laws are meant to promote public safety and keep intoxicated people off the streets. If you are disruptive in a restaurant, sidewalk, park, shopping or any other public place, you could face criminal consequences. This type of offense is not as severe as DUI or DWI, but it could still count as a mark on your criminal record. A (DIP) or drunk in public conviction is a misdemeanor offense that is punishable for up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

How a Riverside Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

If an officer believed you to be a danger to yourself or to others and you have been arrested for disorderly conduct, then it is vital that you consult with a San Bernardino domestic violence attorney as soon as possible. By getting our firm involved early on in your case, we may be able to persuade the prosecution not to file formal charges.

If you have been arrested for reckless or disruptive behavior in public, then you could be facing a jail sentence, a steep fine, probation, community service, or a possible restraining order. Do not underestimate the possible gravity of your charges, rather take swift legal action. Our legal team may be able to prove that your civil rights were compromised during the arrest or that you were never actually posed any danger to yourself or people around you.

Are you looking for a lawyer for your disorderly conduct case in Riverside? Contact a Riverside domestic violence attorney today to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your disorderly conduct charges.

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