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Riverside Drug Crimes Attorney

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California criminal courts can enforce harsh sentences for defendants who are found guilty of dealing with illegal drugs. Drug crimes such as possession, sales and manufacturing are heavily prosecuted and could put your future freedoms at risk.

Be sure to obtain a Riverside drug crime lawyer immediately after your arrest because the sooner you protect yourself the better chances you have to secure a favorable outcome. Here at The Law Offices of Ty Martinez we defend against a wide range of illegal drug offenses and we can work to obtain a case dismissal, an acquittal or a sentence reduction.

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Our firm goes above and beyond to ensure the results that our clients need. We fight tirelessly to defend the rights of the accused and we have helped many people, just like you, who were facing serious drug crime charges. Read through our recent case results and see for yourself!

Drug Crime Penalties in California

The sentences for drug crimes can vary depending on the circumstances of the crime and the court is typically harsher on trafficking, sales and manufacturing cases than they are for possession. Our firm focuses on defending the serious drug crimes including drug sales and manufacturing. We believe that there is no case too daunting or difficult for our legal team to handle. The penalties for these charges are as follows:

Drug Sales & Distribution - The penalties for this crime can vary depending on the type of drug that is being sold and how much of the drug was distributed. Selling cocaine will have much harsher penalties in comparison with selling marijuana.

Drug Manufacturing - This crime is found in ยง 11379.6 of the Health and Safety Code where it states that manufacturing an illegal drug is a felony crime that can lead to a prison sentence and steep fines.

Drug Crime Schedules

Keep in mind that illegal drugs are categorized into five different schedules which describe the level of severity for the crime and the risk of abuse and dependency. Schedule 1 drugs are among the most severe including ecstasy and heroin and they have the highest potential for abuse. Schedule 5 (V), on the other hand, describes drugs such as codeine that have a much lower risk of dependency.

Hire a Drug Crime Lawyer in Riverside to Protect Your Rights

At The Law Offices of Ty Martinez we have over 20 years of cumulative legal experience defending the rights of the accused. With extensive trial and courtroom experience we stand ready to take on any type of drug crime or criminal charge that you may be facing. Let us level the playing field in court so that you receive the fighting chance that you deserve. Contact our law firm today to speak with Riverside criminal defense attorney about building your defense.

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