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Do's and Don'ts of Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence cases can involve much more than the current charges that you face. Issues like order of protection, child endangerment, assault, and many others can arise and be added to your original charges. It is important to understand that there are various precautions you must follow in order to minimize the risk of a small issue becoming much larger and even life-changing. The following is a list a do's and don'ts regarding domestic violence charges; this list is designed to help you navigate your way through this legal process in order to set yourself up for the best outcome:

Do Not Violate the Terms of a No-Contact Order 
In order to prevent serious repercussions, it is vitally important that you adhere to the directions of any restraining order or order of protection. If you are found to be in violation of the terms of this order, then the District Attorney could file additional charges against you. It is important for you to understand that there are many cases in which the protected party will try to contact the individual against whom the order is filed, and this is not a crime. It is a crime, however, for the individual whom the order is filed against to respond to, further, or attempt to contact the protected individual. Saying that he or she contacted you is not a valid defense against violating a court order.

Do Not Try to Defend or Represent Yourself 
Just because you are trying to represent yourself does not mean that a judge will give you special treatment. The law is the law, and you will be held to the same standard as any attorney. Prosecutors understand this, and you can be sure that they will use your naiveté to their advantage and your detriment. The law is exceedingly complex, and your lack of legal background can result in your pleading to charges that you should not have, waiving rights that you did not know you had, and being sentenced to jail time, higher fines, and many other consequences that could have easily been avoided with skilled legal assistance on your side.

Do Not Try to Contact the Victim Through a Third Party 
Some individuals who have been the target of a no-contact order have thought that having a third party contact the victim on their behalf is not a violation of this order. This is wrong; a no-contact order means no contact whatsoever, and having a third party contact the victim on your behalf is a violation of this order. Any violation of this order is a criminal offense and can result in arrest and additional criminal charges. At The Law Offices of Ty Martinez, we understand the frustration you may be experiencing due to being unable to contact the one that you love. It is important to understand that with the help of our firm, you may be able to have the current order modified so that you can engage in peaceful contact.

Do Take Photos of Any Injuries 
Domestic violence cases are often very serious and there can be great hostility on one or both sides of the courtroom. Taking photos of your own injuries can help to supplement a self-defense claim. Protecting yourself is a valid defense in a domestic violence case, and if this true in your situation, it should be expounded and utilized to your advantage. When the police come to your home, they may neglect to document your injuries and focus only on your spouse's wounds because they have decided that you are guilty. Documenting your own injuries could be the difference between conviction and dropped charges.

Do Protect Your Assets 
If you are arrested and charged with domestic violence, then you may not have the opportunity to return to your current dwelling. In addition, a no-contact order could prevent you from returning to this dwelling for a long time. At The Law Offices of Ty Martinez, we can help you protect your personal belongings and assets. Seek our legal assistance in your case today.

Do Avoid Using Drugs or Alcohol 
It is a sad situation, but oftentimes alcohol and substance abuse are large factors in domestic violence cases. Our legal team is here to assist you and not to judge you. Regardless of the circumstances of your situation, it is vitally important that you remain sober and above the influence at all times, especially during the handling of your case. In addition, if alcohol and / or drugs were a part of this case, seeking help from Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings can show a proactive approach to the situation you face and can facilitate a favorable outcome.

Riverside Defense Lawyer

If you are facing charges of domestic violence, then it is important that you have skilled legal assistance on your side. Without this representation, you could find yourself up against a prosecutor who practices law every day and has many years of experience in these kinds of cases. Your chances are generally much better if you have legal assistance than without it in domestic violence situations. Our firm offers a free case evaluation so that you may obtain legal advice without any financial obligation or commitment on your part. Contact our firm today for skilled legal assistance on your side!

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