Riverside Domestic Violence Blogs from January, 2017


Who amongst us has not felt a little stressed out by the time the holiday season comes to a close? For even the most cohesive and cheery of families, January represents a welcome break to get time alone. For families that have struggled to keep the peace in the past, however, the holidays might increase the likelihood of an act of domestic violence. Or, at the very least, an accusation of such an act.

Holidays – Not Exactly Pure Merriment

Why is it that holidays are often associated with domestic violence? Despite commonplace beliefs, there is no evidence to suggest that real domestic violence incidents spike during the holidays. So what is going on to spread this belief, or when domestic violence actually occurs?

There are three reasons why domestic violence and the holidays are correlated:

  1. Holiday stress: Everyone feels an increase in day-to-day stress at the end of the year, even if they do not show it or admit it. The pressure to get the right gifts, plan the right parties, and so on can put the calmest of individuals on edge.
  2. Close quarters: Crowded places seem to heat up tempers, and just about every street corner, shopping center, and highway around the holiday season is packed with strangers. Nerves are frayed, to say the least.
  3. Distant relatives: Families that try to get every last nephew and cousin together might end up stepping on toes in the process. Distant relatives that rarely see each other may not get along well and feel less inclined to bite their tongues when voicing grievances.

With these three reasons in mind, it is important to remember that domestic violence incidents do not noticeably rise during the holidays. This is a misconception that may prompt people to actually falsify domestic violence claims. Family members looking to pick a fight with another, or get some revenge for a disagreement over Christmas dinner, may choose to take advantage of the system and use exaggerations, misunderstandings, or straight-out lies to report domestic violence.

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