Riverside Domestic Violence Blogs from November, 2012


The Law Offices of Ty Martinez has successfully helped another client facing criminal charges. Mr. Martinez’ client was arrested two years ago for charges of a robbery strike offense, and having hired his first attorney with another firm, they were unable to provide the necessary defense. As a result, the case dragged on for far too long and during that time he received an offer for a strike on his record and 6 months in jail. Just three months ago, Mr. Martinez was asked to defend the client replacing the original attorney in hopes of providing a more able defense.

Ty Martinez is committed to doing what it takes to help his clients, including much needed investigation. In little time, he was able to obtain video footage as well as the 911 tapes; details the first attorney never looked into. Once they had this information they were able to prove that the District Attorney had problems with their case. The judge deemed this evidence sufficient and as a result their client was able to have the charges significantly reduced. What was originally an Attempt Robbery strike offense became a non-strike offense and reducible to a misdemeanor in one year and 20 days of work release.

Being accused of a crime is a terrifying experience for anyone, which is why hiring a criminal defense attorney is so crucial. Whether you are looking at minor infractions with the law or you are being accused of murder, do not hesitate in contacting The Law Offices of Ty Martinez today for the attorney you deserve. At our firm we will do whatever we can to not only fight for our client’s rights, but also aim to protect their reputation as well. Criminal charges can have severe consequences if an individual is convicted, if you are currently facing charges don’t wait another moment. Contact us today for the attorney who will fight for you!