Riverside Domestic Violence Blogs from November, 2012


If you are a victim of domestic violence, you are probably scared to take your situation to a legal level. Yet for your own protection, you need to hire a Inland Empire domestic violence lawyer that can represent you in court and then proceed with your case. You should not attempt to handle your situation alone; there are a lot of complicated and detailed domestic violence laws that are difficult to keep track of. Yet if you can recruit a Riverside domestic violence attorney to help you, you may be able to create a substantial case. Whether you are petitioning for a restraining order or requesting compensation from an abusive spouse or parent, Ty Martinez and his associates are there to help.

If you are the victim of a restraining order and are not allowed to see your family, then you can also hire Ty Martinez to take on the case from your side. He is willing to help you protect your reputation if you are the person who has had a restraining order put against you. He can also help you if you are the one who wants to achieve a restraining order. Because Mr. Martinez is versatile, he understands domestic violence from both sides. This can help him to anticipate the way that an opposing party will respond to a restraining order or help him to understand how the court will evaluate a case.

Mr. Martinez can also advocate for clients who have been falsely accused of a crime or domestic abuse offense that they never committed. There are times that the court will drop charges if they are shown that the person who is being evaluated is innocent. In the past, Ty Martinez has seen success in a variety of cases. You can check out the case results page on his website if you want more information. He has had charges dropped for domestic violence and cases dismissed because the prosecution had a lack of evidence.

Ty Martinez practices criminal defense in Orange County, Inland Empire, and Los Angeles County. He is passionate about defending those who are unjustly faulted for a crime that they didn’t commit. Regardless of whether or not a confronted induvidual has committed any illegal acts, the law enforcement officers are often searching for a reason for arrest. While Mr. Martinez was never falsely arrested, he has a compassion for those that are.

That is why Mr. Martinez chose to attend Loyola Law School and learn more about constitutional rights and criminal procedure. After graduating in 1999 Mr. Martinez passed the bar exam and was listed as a member of the California Bar. He has never been cited for unprofessional conduct and has been endorsed by others in the legal business. You can read more about Mr. Martinez on his Avvo account. He is a highly recommended attorney and has been praised by many clients who have worked with him in the past 13 years since he was first licensed to practice law.

If you want to learn more about Ty Martinez and the firm, then you can add them on your social media networks. Chances are that you have a Facebook, so you should “like” the firm page to get regular updates on what they are up to and what types of cases they handle. You can also follow the firm on Twitter to get valuable legal information. Ty Martinez also has a Google+ that has helpful information about the firm. You can also learn about Ty Martinez by reading his WordPress blogs, or following the blog on his website.

While Ty Martinez is the founding partner of The Law Offices of Ty Martinez, he is accompanied by the hardworking Yvonne Todd This accomplished attorney graduated in 2004 from Western State University, College of Law with Magna Cum Laude honors. She then became licensed to practice law and clerked for the District Attorney’s office. While working at the District Attorney’s office, Attorney Todd realized that she was working on the wrong side of law. She wanted to help those who were accused of crimes that they did not commit or those that were the victims of hyperbole and upset spouses. As a result, she chose to join The Law Offices of Ty Martinez. Her experience working with the prosecution gave her priceless information that she now uses when she defends her clients from the Law Offices of Ty Martinez.

Whether you work with Attorney Todd or Attorney Martinez, you can be sure that you are getting a defense attorney that you can trust. If you want to contact The Law Offices of Ty Martinez, you can start by sending them a contact us e-mail on their website. You can also call the firm at (888) 464-1038 and set up a free consultation with a lawyer at the firm today. The firm has a Riverside office at 7121 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA 92504. The Law Offices of Ty Martinez understand that time is of the essence when you are working on a domestic violence case. You want to get a defender there to help you as soon as possible so that you can get started with your defense and battle against your accuser.

As domestic violence defenders, the lawyers at this firm understand that you may have been falsely accused by an angry spouse, child, or other relation. They suggest that you do not violate the terms of a no contact order, no matter how difficult it is to stay away from your loved ones. Instead, you should protect your finances and avoid using drugs or alcohol if you are accused of violence. If you are the victim of violence and are seeking representation as you go up against a spouse who has harmed you, make sure to take photos of the injuries that you have experienced. Photographic evidence can be invaluable in a court case, and will show the judge and jury that you truly have been injured in a fight. Whether you are dealing with kidnapping, child abuse trespassing, stalking, or child endangerment contact an attorney at this firm for help. They will help you through representation and will work hard to help the court see things from your perspective. Get started today!