Riverside Domestic Violence Blogs from May, 2013


A 10-year-old girl was abducted from her Northridge home on the night of March 27 in what sources believe began as a burglary. The young girl was found later that day approximately 12 hours later wondering around a parking lot that was several miles from her home. When she was found she was in a confused state and was wearing different clothes from when she was taken. The suspect entered the home with a knife intend to rob them and ended up taking the girl. Nude photos were found of the young girl and the main suspect, Summers, is now facing kidnapping and several sexual assault charges. Commander Alfredo Arenas of the Baja California police fugitive squad has the Mexican authorities helping out with the search because the suspect is believed to be in Tijuana. The Los Angeles police department had seen a video showing that Summers had crossed over the border into Tecate, Mexico. They are unsure as to whether he has crossed back over so the search continues in the Tijuana area. Mexican law enforcement officials are in contact with the LAPD on a daily basis and they now have wanted posters all over the area. They want to find Summers before he gets the chance to kidnap or assault a Mexican child.

Authorities have identified Summers as a career criminal with an extensive history of former convictions including accounts of petty theft, possession of explosives and other crimes that were mostly committed in the San Fernando Valley. A second suspect, Martinez, is believed to have been involved in the burglary and kidnapping but did not initiate the act and was not involved in the assault. He also has an extensive criminal history of theft, burglary and breaking an entering, but neither Martinez nor Summers have been added to the list of sexual offenders. Law enforcement officials do not know how much time these two men have spent behind bars but they have both spent several months in prison for past petty theft and grand theft cases.

32 year-old felon, Summers, was found and captured on Wednesday April 24, 2013. He has a history of gang association and is now facing three dozen criminal counts and multiple life terms in prison for kidnapping, sexual assault, and first-degree burglary. Martinez, the driver, was also found and arrested only two miles from the child's home and he is facing up to 12 years in prison.

Kidnapping and sexual assault can both be considered serious felony crimes. If you have been falsely accused of criminal kidnapping or assault charges be sure to obtain a hard-hitting Riverside kidnapping attorney to protect your rights in court.

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