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San Bernardino Domestic Violence Lawyer

Across the United States, 1 in every 6 women and 1 in every 33 men is a victim of domestic violence. California is a prime state for domestic offenses, and there are thousands of men and women who are harmed on a yearly basis in Southern California alone. According to the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, 40% of all women experience physical violence from an intimate partner during their lifetime. In 75% of these abuse cases, the partners have children under the age of 18 still living in the home. The National Network to End Domestic Violence discovered that 1,283 hotline calls were answered for domestic violence victims on one day in 2011. People called various domestic violence hotlines in the state to talk about planning, obtain resources on violence, or seek protection. 

Last year, 5,363 victims were given assistance and protection from a domestic violence situation in one day in the state of California. On this day that was monitored by domestic violence advocates, 2,822 Californians found refuge in emergency shelters from a violent partner or family member, 2,541 people received non-residential assistance on that day, including asking for legal advocacy or counseling. This only scratches the surface of domestic violence issues in Southern California because most men and women who are abused are often embarrassed about their state and will not admit that they have been injured. In the state of California, statistics show that there were 113 domestic violence fatalities in the year 2008. Of these killings, 99 of the women were females and the remaining 14 were males.

About San Bernardino

San Bernardino County is the biggest county in the United States by area. It is home to about 2,000,000 people and is considered a part of the Inland Empire region. The large county is the location of a variety of national forests and the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. According to the 2010 United States Census, San Bernardino’s population is approximately half Caucasian individuals and half Hispanic or Latino men and women. In a percentage breakdown, 56.7% of all occupants in the county are Caucasian 49% are Hispanic, and as little as 1.1% of the population is African American. There are also other minorities in the county.

In San Bernardino County, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department enforces the laws of the city and services 14 contract cities in the area. The county has its own jail system and county superior courts where crimes are tried. Unfortunately, gang violence and violent crimes have been on the rise in San Bernardino County. As well, the sheriff’s department claims that there has been a rise in random violence. In 2005, reports show that there were 27 murders in the area, 71 rape cases, and 782 assault cases. In many cases, these were domestic violence crimes and the offenders were family members or partners. 

Domestic Violence Statistics in San Bernardino

In the City of San Bernardino alone, studies show that there were approximately 27 felony domestic violence cases tried in one month. A study that was completed in May of 2000 shows that in a list of Southern California cities, San Bernardino showed the highest domestic violence rate after Riverside (with 60 cases in one month) and Los Angeles (with 30 cases in one month.)The Superior Court of California County of San Bernardino claims that anyone who believes that he or she has been the victim of domestic violence should call 911 immediately.

The county also allows victims to receive an emergency protective order which can last from five to seven days. Police officers or sheriffs can call a judge and ask for one of these orders on behalf of a victim, so you will want to report your situation to local authorities in order to seek this protective document. The California Court System encourages men and women who are abused to contact the authorities immediately. Because so many people are looking out for abusers and seeking to prosecute them, oftentimes the authorities forget to pause and evaluate whether or not the alleged victim is telling the truth.

Are you looking for domestic violence defense in San Bernardino, CA?

If you are arrested for domestic violence in San Bernardino, you will immediately become a highly watched suspect. Chances are that your alleged victim has fabricated or embellished stories about you in a way that makes you appear guilty of your crime, even if you have never been abusive. Because domestic abuse cases rarely have witnesses, it is difficult to prove this crime. If a victim appears to be innocent and can spin a convincing story, then chances are that he or she will be considered honest. This can be extremely disappointing for the suspect who may appear to be harsh or violent but has never committed a crime.

If you are one of these suspects, then you need to contact Ty Martinez today. This dedicated domestic violence defense lawyer will stand by your side and advocate on your behalf even if there is no one else there who believes you. Attorney Martinez and his associates understand what it is like to be falsely accused. They can use this personal experience to fight for you and work hard to uncover the evidence that proves that you are innocent. By hiring a lawyer at the Law Offices of Ty Martinez, you can be sure you are equipped with the tools to handle your domestic violence allegations.

The Law Offices of Ty Martinez is located at 7121 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, CA 92504, roughly 20 minutes from parts of San Bernardino. This way, you can be sure to hire a domestic violence defense lawyer who can handle your case but isn’t too far away when you need to schedule an appointment or discuss an issue. Attorney Ty Martinez and his associates will be there for you every step of the way and will make an effort to return your phone calls and e-mails in short order so that they can assist you in the best way possible when it comes to your domestic violence case. Contact a San Bernardino domestic violence attorney at the firm today to secure the defense that you need at a firm that cares! 

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