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Domestic Violence Attorneys in Ontario

Your Reputation is Your Livelihood – Protect It!

Protecting your reputation should be your first course of action after you have been accused of domestic violence in Ontario, California. Even if a conviction seems unlikely – something that is hard to predict at best – the accusation alone could severely cripple your wellbeing and cause unfair defamation. To balance the scales again and set yourself up for a fair legal battle, retain the services of our Ontario domestic violence defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Ty Martinez in Riverside.

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While our knowledge of the law is vast and a key piece to winning your case, we believe our compassion and genuine concern for our clients is just as important. Call 888.464.1038 today and we would be happy to tell you all the ways we can help you during this difficult time in an initial consultation.

Penalties for Domestic Violence are Unforgiving

California State has taken a firm stand against domestic violence crimes. When zealousness drives investigators into automatically assuming anyone who is accused is guilty, a real problem arises. If you want to stand up for your rights, you cannot be afraid to tell your side of the story and set the record straight. From exaggerations and misunderstandings to flat out false accusations, there might be a handful of ways you could be defended with our help. But we need to know everything.

If you do not prepare for trial and are convicted, you could be penalized with:

  • Prison time
  • Loss of custody rights
  • Steep fines
  • Forced to relocate (restraining order cases)

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Our Ontario domestic violence attorneys have decades of legal experience under their belts that they can draw from to take care of your case from start to finish. Were you accused of child abuse or kidnapping? Has someone misconstrued to facts to make it appear as if you are stalking them? By working closely with you and keeping you up to speed on your case as it progresses, we can prepare you for court, should matters get that far. Contact usat your earliest convenience to learn more about our services, our history, and our commitment to our clients' best interests.

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